High-Tech Homes

Imagine going home to a lovely luxurious house that not only looks exquisite, but also knows exactly what to do. The “smart” homes of 2006 are truly mind blowing.
A Smart Home
You can enjoy a house whose lights automatically switch on when you arrive home lighting up your walkway and every room that you walk into. After relaxing into some comfortable clothes, your favorite song automatically begins to play so there is no need to fiddle with the stereo system. If the phone rings, the music automatically mutes and a voice says “your sister is calling from her work phone.” Homes can be equipped with automated systems that not only integrate control of audio systems, home security, monitoring systems and lighting, but also things that are not traditionally electrical such as door locks and drapes.
How it Works
All systems and equipment connected to the network are controlled via a touch screen panel placed on the wall which can be concealed. You can monitor and control your home automated systems long distance via a secure connection through a cell phone or laptop. You do not have to wait to get home to turn the thermostat up or close the drapes, or turn off the stove if you forgot to do so when you left home. If someone happens to come to your house in your absence, a motion detector can alert you and send a real-time video feed so you can answer the intercom while on vacation in Paris.
A top-notch home automation system can be costly, running you more than $100,000. If you are looking for one with a super home theater setup, it could run close to a million dollars. A home does not have to be as high-tech as Bill Gates’ whose compound even features an underwater music system for the swimming pool. However, ever evolving technology is reducing the complexity of creating a smart home, making it more affordable to consumers.
Is an Automated Home Worth Creating?
Investing in a high-tech home is a worthwhile venture. You can create anything from a superb home theater that puts real cinemas to shame,or flat screen televisions that slide from view by the click of a button, to toilets that detect blood sugar levels through urine. In this digital era, high-tech products are increasing the convinience of our homes and with products that can be controlled from any part of the world, are making life easier, simpler and a little more enjoyable.

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