Conflict Resolution Training Sessions


Conflict resolution and mediation are needed in the work place and in organizations where arising ideas and different personalities might result in conflict.

Community Mediation Services, Inc. (CMS) and the Minneapolis Mediation Program (MMP) will be offering thirty hour training in the basic skills of the art of mediation, from July 11 through August 2. This training will include the theory, techniques and process of mediation and conflict resolution, as well as discussion of the rules and ethics governing mediation, according to Jessica Kuchta-Miller, Senior Project Manager for CMS. 

Participants who complete the training will become qualified to mediate in the State of Minnesota, either professionally or as volunteers.  Both CMS and MMP rely on volunteer mediators for their work in courts, schools and in the community.

However, Kuchta-Miller says that the value of mediation skills and insights reach far beyond the mediation table.  This training will provide important skills for the home, workplace, and/or community.  For example, participants can learn how:
–       To help individuals and organizations move beyond conflict and find common ground;
–       To better understand one’s approach to conflict, and gain confidence in dealing with conflict
–       To help facilitate difficult conversations, enabling individuals to hear and be heard;
–       To infuse decision-making processes with an air of dignity and respect; and,
–       To help people get “unstuck” through a more creative dispute resolution process.
Anyone interested in participating in this training can learn more and register by visiting the CMS website here, or by writing to [email protected].


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