Food, Friends and Motorcycles


It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I’m hungry and in need of a good meal. A bunch of us decide to drive to Blondies Sports Bar and Grill located in Brooklyn Park. I realise at this point my weekend has been spent  in Brooklyn Park and though I live in St. Paul, I don’t mind the half hour or so journey.The past couple of days have been fun and entertaining. I’m hoping Blondies affirms that Brooklyn Park is a place of many interests.

The sky blue Bar and Grill stands out on Brooklyn Boulevard. The place is larger than I visualized. Once inside, there are vibrant fliers hanging on strings from the ceiling, posters on the walls and an array of games. The place is bustling with energy. Through a glass door, I can see a gated patio and bar area. We head outside and find a table. I sit back relaxed and comfortable. There’s activity all around. On one side is a highway and adjacent to this is a motorcycle shop that keeps a couple of my friends in a trance like state as different models pull in and out. It’s a comical sight as they ooh and aah at each motorcycle passing by.

I look around and see families, friends, couples old and young deep in conversation, laughing and enjoying their meals.The menu caters to all and the bar holds a wide variety of drinks. They have games like bingo, Texas hold ’em, pool tables and darts. The atmosphere inside the bar is competitive, while that inside the patio it’s relaxed and social. After a very good meal, many hours of jokes, funny tales and informative debates, we leave Blondies Sports Bar and Grill with a promise to return soon.

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Helen blogs on the Minneapolis nightlife and entertainment scene. You can read her entries here.

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