In Remembrance of Lucky Dube

Saturday, December 22, 2007
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A lot has been said and written of Lucky Dube over the past twenty five years of his musical life and career. The last couple of months have however been filled with shock, pain and immense sadness at the sudden death of the reggae legend.

Dube, who was senselessly murdered in Johannesburg in October, was an artist internationally revered and beloved. Entertaining, inspirational and a lyrical genius, Dube related messages of peace, social justice, crime awareness, politics and humanity through his twenty two albums. Popular and well known songs like "Slave,"  "Taxman," "Prisoner," "Feel Irie," "Victims,"  "Remember Me" and "Together as One," established Lucky as a popular and relatable artist, while his live performances reinforced him as an artist of, for and with the people.

Dube’s forty three years of life may seem short but they were years lived with purpose and a sense of truth. In his passing we cry, we mourn, we feel the sense of loss but, his music lives on.

Come celebrate Dube’s life on Sunday Dec. 30 at the Zuhrah Shrine Center, located at 2540 Park Avenue in Minneapolis. Charles Russell and myself will host the event. The concert will feature performances by SUNplugd, Innocent, Cross Atlantic Crew and Jarija Afro Reggae Band.

We miss you, we love you, we appreciate you Lucky Philip Dube. Rest in Peace….from all your fans.       

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