Doors opened at 8:00pm and people started streaming in. I was excited and quite surprised that I was not at all nervous about hosting the tribute concert to Lucky Dube. The auditorium was well lit, decorated to a calm perfection with a spacious dance floor and stage. On one corner was a huge projector with music videos by Lucky Dube as well as short clips of interviews he carried out during the early years of his career.
The event began with a prayer by Reverand G. Freeman, then an introduction of the event by me, the host of the evening. The night celebration began with the house band, Cross Atlantic Crew, an all Liberian Afro Centric/Reggae band, that perfrormed a series of upbeat songs from their collection to get the crowd livened up. Jarija Afro Reggae band was up next, but not before we gave away a couple of Lucky Dube t-shirts that were a part of an on-going raffle through the night.

Present at the dedication concert was OLM president Mr. Kerper Dwanyen, who gave a short speech before artist Isaac Randolph with a trio of his dancers, took to the floor and entertained the crowd with Rap music and dance. After a short intermission where the DJ, Joseph Seibure, played some Reggae music, Innocent, a Reggae artist originally from Tanzania took to the stage. His energy and popular Lucky Dube music got the crowd jumping up and down on the floor. There was singing, dance, laughter, food and plenty to drink as everyone celebrated the life and music of Lucky Dube. SUNplugg’d was the last band to perform at the end of the night before the house band took over to close out the celebrations.



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