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Popular for his hit single ‘Nare’ (Swahili slang word meaning Fire), Daddy V, a Kenyan artist who lives in Dallas is marking his territory in the music scene. He has kept busy in the past few years working incessantly on his music, which has resulted to his first CD album.

Daddy V began rapping at the young age of ten back home in Kenya. Through his teenage years he performed in various music competitions, always landing at the top. After graduating from high school, Daddy V got the opportunity to record a few of his songs, but due to some set backs the music went unreleased. Disappointed, Daddy V decided to take a short break from music with the hopes that things would somehow work out and he could later on pursue his passion. Shortly after, he moved to the States and hooked up with a friend who owned a recording studio.

The opportunity to continue his dream had arisen. While working on one of his songs, ‘Nare’, which unbeknownst to him would become a hit, he met founder of Kilimanjaro Records George Ndege, and together they embarked on the journey that has led to the birth of an album fittingly titled ‘NARE’.

Daddy V has performed in different states promoting his music, though his most recent concert during Memorial Weekend in Dallas was a stand out performance. He recalls how honored he was to have the opportunity to share the same mic as Ritchie Spice who was one of the artists in the concert, as well as famous Kenyan artist and childhood acquaintance, Jua Kali.

Having seen Daddy V in concert in Minnesota, I will attest to his performances being energy filled, with catchy beats and tunes. His style of music is a mix of various genres like Reggae, Ragga and Genge, a style of Kenyan music. His new CD comprises of a number of collaborations with other artists like Wachera with whom he has done a number of songs and Innocent, a Tanzanian Reggae artist who resides in Minnesota.

The album is dedicated to his dad, who has always been a big inspiration and fan. Daddy V hopes to tour different parts of the world, Kenya included, where the song ‘Nare’ has aired in radio stations and was also used as a soundtrack in the movie, ‘Malooned’, which was released last year.

Daddy V is scheduled to perform in Minnesota at the Cabooze on August 30th, where he hopes to officially release his debut album.


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