Great Service


We often go through our daily routines only thinking about ourselves or our own problems. We sometimes get so consumed by our own issues that we never think about what others are going through. 

Now is the time to change this “me-only” mindset to think more about others, including what we can do to help. We are here on earth to make a difference in the lives of others.

True happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment will come when we use the gifts and talents given to us by God for unsolicited acts of kindness and service to others.   We weren’t designed to hold our gifts and talents for a “rainy day.”
Everyday is the day to help somebody.   

One of the best ways to serve is to get involved by being a “silent server”. This is a person who approaches things with a humble heart, without need for position, title, recognition or authority. Think about someone you know who has a specific need. Now, reflect on what strengths or talents are within you that you could share to help this person overcome or meet their need. Make a commitment to quietly help this person without acknowledgement or fanfare.  

Reflect on how you feel after you complete this random act of service. The more we take action to serve, the more service will become a natural part of our routine. Always remember that we are part of God’s Kingdom to serve not to be served.
The first step to leadership is servanthood (John Maxwell).

About Pastor Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison is the Senior Pastor at Speak the Word Church International, one of the largest, nondenominational, multi-cultural and multi-generational churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

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