Inner Peace


When we accept Christ into our lives we don’t have to be worry.  All anxieties and worry should be rolled over to the Lord.  We have the ability to make a choice to focus on worry or inner peace.   

Allowing worry to infiltrate thoughts paralyzes movement toward our God-given purpose in life.  Time spent in worry is useless time.  There is no benefit gained from all the energy expended in worry and fear.  

It is my prayer that each person gets to the place God has prepared for them. This is the place where everlasting peace will dominate thoughts, decisions and actions.  When we put our faith in God, we can be assured the Lord will get us to our destination.  

When we firmly trust the inner peace within us, we won’t need to spend worrying about roads taken in life.  God is the way-maker.  God knows the answer to every problem faced.  We will have inner peace when we “buckle-up” with the word of God and partner with Him in all that we do.   As believers, we can have peace while the world around us is in turmoil.

Remember:  Inner peace comes from our relationship with the Lord; it causes us to triumph over problems.  Inner peace is dependent on the sufficiency and strength of Christ.  Inner peace passes understanding; it is deep, stable, selfless, genuine and real. Inner peace is independent of circumstances since it comes from within and can’t be lost.

About Pastor Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison is the Senior Pastor at Speak the Word Church International, one of the largest, nondenominational, multi-cultural and multi-generational churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

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