Success is within us!


Too often, we give others the authority to define our identity and also to define what success is in our life. Approval from others or external sources is unnecessary because God validated us before we were born.

True success rests within us. God desires us to be ourselves; we were created to be an original. We are designed for uniqueness and we are meant to be one-of-a kind on earth. When we take action to use our own gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others, we will be on the right path

When we are pleased with ourselves, we never will need to seek approval for success through the opinions of others. All the ingredients needed to achieve fulfillment start with accepting the unique identity given to us by God.

Remember: If we don’t discover our true identity from God, we will never be able to live according to our true self. What lies deep within our heart gives the true picture of what we’re all about. Success is locked up in our God-given ability.

About Pastor Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison is the Senior Pastor at Speak the Word Church International, one of the largest, nondenominational, multi-cultural and multi-generational churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

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