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Afrifest’s Pan-African Historical Exhibit: A fresh outlook on Africa’s past, present and future

MINNEAPOLIS – Twin Cities residents got a rare glimpse of radical African history earlier this month when Afrifest hosted its Pan-African Historical Exhibit at the Powderhorn Park Recreational Center.

Conflict and Contradiction: My Life in Zimbabwe

Conflict and Contradiction: My Life in Zimbabwe

The writer grew up in Zimbabwe, long before the recent political and economic chaos that have hit the Southern African nation. Here he gives a personal take on the state…

Zimbabwe and S. Africa: Don’t Let Violence Eclipse Common Struggle

When P.W Botha’s troopers were mercilessly chopping down innocent South African schoolchildren with machine-guns, cracking whips over the heads of peaceful demonstrators and unleashing vicious dogs on fleeing crowds, we Zimbabweans were undoubtedly…