Minneapolis Public Schools Announces Changes to Early Kindergarten Admission Procedures


Deadline for applications is May 1



MINNEAPOLIS , April 5, 2006 – In an effort to better serve the community, Minneapolis Public Schools has revised its early kindergarten admission policy to establish standardized criteria for deciding which students are ready to enter kindergarten. Among the changes, students who turn five years of age on or by Oct. 31 may be considered for early admission into kindergarten. Applications for early entrance must be submitted by May 1.



“Parents are increasingly asking for early kindergarten entrance for their children due to the reduction in High Five programs and child care subsidies,” said Jackie Turner, director of Student Placement. “A standard early admission procedure will allow the district to respond consistently to the individual educational needs of these children.”


Under the new procedure, early entrance candidates must complete an early childhood screening, be observed in a kindergarten classroom for one to three hours by a cadre of district assessors, and earn a composite score of at least 40 on the MPS Beginning Kindergarten Assessment. Culturally and linguistically appropriate staff will also be involved in the decision-making process.


Once all of the requirements have been completed, the child will be recommended for early entrance. Only schools with space available after the initial kindergarten placements have been made will be offered for early entrance.


“This change in procedure will allow the district to continue to be competitive with the surrounding school districts,” said Turner. “We know that some children whose birthdays fall after Sept. 1, the traditional kindergarten start date, have the academic knowledge, skills and social competencies needed for success in kindergarten.”


Families interested in applying for early enrollment to kindergarten should visit the



Center , 910 W. Broadway Ave., or call (612)668-1840.







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