African Business Fair

As the African community in Minnesota grows, so does the business community. To address this need, Pan African Business Alliance (PABA) will host its second annual business fair in April. Unlike other business fairs, PABA’s initiative will give prominence specifically to African businesses.
A report released in 2005, by Dr. Bruce Corries for the US Census Bureau, estimates the total buying power of Sub-Saharan African immigrants in Minnesota at 708 billion dollars. He also estimates that six and four million dollars of these incomes are spent on rental and real estate investment. PABA recognizes that the purchasing power of the African immigrant is essential to the development of the economy will not just benefit the Minnesotan community at large, but also the improved economic status of families and individuals from Africa.
According to PABA officials, the business fair will create networking opportunities, not only for the African community, but also for Minnesotans interested in investing in this community.
The business fair, which will be held at Profile Center in Minneapolis on April 12th, 2007, will present immeasurable benefits to members of PABA and the community. There will be seminars and workshops, at little or no cost, to ensure that the African business community is educated on businesses practices. According to Henry Ongeri, one of PABA officers, the fair will industry specific seminars: accounting, tax and marketing tips, technology information among other things. 

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About Julia N. Opoti

A former Mshale editor, Julia Nekessa Opoti is now the producer and host of the radio show: Reflections of New Minnesotans on AM950 . She also edits/publishes Kenya Imagine

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