The Pattern of Life


I think there is a reason for every moment in ones’ life

Even when that reason cannot be explained or understood.

There is a purpose to the happenings, the occurrences in life.

And though things may not always go as one believes,

Or desires them to,

Every minute lived is important and it matters.

I now know there is a plan, at least over my life, a purpose.

I could have done without the painful moments,

The bad news and the buckets of sad tears

That have come too many a times.

But the painful moments have brought with them immense strength,

The bad news, an appreciation of the goodness in this life

And with the tears, rivers of peace and mountains of laughter.

Life does make sense and I have finally come to realize,

That each thread of my life,

Is woven exactly where it should be.

Moments I thought I was not living right or living fully,

I was living exactly as I should have,

For the thread would otherwise have been at the wrong place.

This is not to necessarily say that it hasn’t happened,

It’s just that……….

That is the pattern that was intended.

About Helen Kinuthia

Helen blogs on the Minneapolis nightlife and entertainment scene. You can read her entries here.

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