New Gadget on the Block: The DocuPen RC800 Scanner


It pays to be up-to-date with all these fancy gadgets surfacing time and time again and constantly being placed on the market due to so much competition in this technology boom era.

A pen scanner is a tiny portable pen-like futuristic gadget that has brought users a lot of relief as a result of its mere existence. Pen scanners have been around for some time now, but they keep advancing technologically as time goes by.

Planon’s latest scanner, also known as the DocuPen, is a breakthrough in technological advancement. The DocuPen is a high-tech pen and scanner all-in-one. It also operates on battery for full portability purposes and is capable of storing up to 100 pages into memory, taking about four to eight seconds per page.

This pen scanner stands out because it has the capacity to scan an entire page including graphics in just four seconds. This is in comparison to other pen scanners that can only scan single lines of text at a time and do not have the ability to scan graphics.

The DocuPen is convenient because it accomplishes what other cumbersome scanners and existing pen scanners could not: – substantial portable out-of-office scanning.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Planon
  • Price: $270
  • Scanner Interface Type: USB
  • Max Scan Resolution: 200 x 200
  • Operating System: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Flash Memory: 8 MB

How it works
Place the DocuPen on a piece of paper parallel to the text scraping it downward. The built in 8 MB of memory can hold up to 100 pages of black and white text or two full color pages. The memory can be upgraded using a MicroSD memory card. Connect the pen scanner to a computer to view the documents that you have scanned.

The DocuPen includes a rechargeable feature that allows it to retain continuous charge without utilizing an additional charging unit. In addition, the batteries automatically charge once the user plugs the pen scanner into a computer’s USB port to download the scanned information. The DocuPen also uses a state-of-the-art feature known as the “dual-roller guiding system and optical registration technology” to boost user experience by creating a smoother more accurate scan.


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