Minn. Marks 20TH Annual AIDS Day With Walk


MINNEAPOLIS – Hundreds of people gathered at Minnehaha Park Sunday May 18 in support of the Minnesota AIDS walk.

The event,which has been taking place since 1988, helps raise money to prevent the spread of the epidemic, create awareness and provide care to people living with HIV.

The six-mile walk began at 11 a.m, as families, friends and colleagues walked together in high spirits and with a lot of enthusiasm. With each mile walked,there was a stand hosted by different sponsoring corporations and organizations providing drinks, energy bars and cheering people on.

People walked around the Mississippi River, along River Parkway, with the streets blocked out for the event. The beautiful scenery and warm weather added to the enjoyment of the walk.

Along the way people carried placards with words of hope, encouragement and in memory of loved ones who had fallen victim to AIDS. There was a deep sense of unity and camaraderie amongst participants as well as a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when they crossed the finish line.

Each walkergot a sticker announcing, “I Walked.” More refreshments and ice-cream wereserved at the end of the walk. It was a beautiful day to walk yet morefulfilling and rewarding to the cause of bringing more awareness to thecommunity on HIV as well as providing every possible care and service needed toindividuals living with HIV.  


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