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Books for Africa Expands Operations into Atlanta


ATLANTA - Books for Africa, the world’s largest shipper of donated books to the African Continent, has opened a 20,000 square-foot warehouse in Atlanta.  The new facility, located just outside city of Atlanta in Smyrna, will serve as the organization’s primary shipping, receiving and sorting center. 

Ethnic Media to Play Critical Role in 2010 Census


SAN FRANCISCO - On April 1, 2010, less than a year from now, a snapshot of the whole population of the country will be taken. Whether you are a citizen, an immigrant, legal, illegal, homeless or an international student, if you are in the United States at that time, you will be counted.

Missing Youth Still Haunt Minnesota Somalis


The story of Somali youth who vanished from the Twin Cities, possibly to fight alongside jihadists in their home country, is transforming the normally passionate and sometimes pugilistic debates at Minneapolis coffee shops into quieter introspection.

Now a recurring topic of conversation among Somalis is “reconstructing the community’s tainted image,” said Dahir Awaleh, a 47-year-old small-business owner who frequents the popular Starbucks on Minneapolis’ Riverside Avenue.

“In Minnesota, Somalis are increasingly associated with terrorists,” he lamented, sipping his coffee. “Businesses are raided. Friends and family members are being interrogated by law enforcement agencies. Mosques are under surveillance.”

Criminal Convictions in the Immigration Context: What you Don’t Know Might Hurt You

"Conviction" is Defined More Broadly Under Immigration Law

Non-citizens, including lawful permanent residents, may face severe immigration consequences if they are convicted of certain crimes, including offenses that are deemed relatively minor and carry minimal penalties. Moreover, the term "conviction" is defined more broadly under immigration law than under criminal law.  For example, did you know that if you plead guilty to a charge and the judge orders a form of punishment, you are considered "convicted" for immigration purposes, even if adjudication was stayed and the case is later dismissed?

God’s Stimulus Package


Good news!  There is a special spiritual stimulus package all signed, sealed and ready for delivery to us. This package includes God’s love, blood, forgiveness and acceptance. 

The entire contents of this package are guaranteed for eternity.  His love is so immense that he gave His only son for us. His love endures all things so that we can be put back together again. His blood is the covenant made with us.