Stay Focused!


Life takes many twists and turns. Our response to everyday situations faced can have significant impact on our future life. We can learn great lessons from Bible characters who were distracted from their God-given purpose and, therefore, weren’t able to respond well to the situations they faced.  Their decisions impacted their life.  

For example, Adam and Eve lost their comfort in life; Samson lost his vision and King Saul lost his anointing.   God’s purpose in life stands through it all. Keeping our focus on God’s purpose will prevent distractions from robbing us of our destiny.

It is my prayer that each person holds firmly onto the promises of God despite pressures, influences and distractions to do otherwise. We need to continually draw on the Apostle Paul who fought the good fight of faith to finish the race.  As we face situations in our daily work, we should base our response and reaction on the foundation of purpose God has destined for us.

Remember:  Without a life of purpose, we won’t fulfilled and enjoy the true benefits and blessings that God has predestined for us.  What we set our heart on will determine how we spend our life.

About Pastor Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison is the Senior Pastor at Speak the Word Church International, one of the largest, nondenominational, multi-cultural and multi-generational churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

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