Liberian-born ‘Project Runway’ Designer, Korto Momolu, Teams Up with Dillard’s

Liberian-born 'Project Runway' Designer, Korto Momolu, Teams Up with Dillard's

Some of the Project Runway alums are certainly making themselves known in the fashion industry, even though they didn’t win the competition.  Season 5 fan favorite Korto Momolu recently unveiled a new collection of hers, but it’s a bit different from what you think.  It’s a line of accessories for retail store Dillard’s.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth talked to the designer and found out that she’s been tirelessly working on a number of affordable creations.  There are necklaces and bracelets, as well as earrings and handbags.  Just by looking at the pieces, you’d know exactly that they were made by Korto Momolu.

The Project Runway fan favorite admitted that suffering defeat for the reality TV competition was what pushed her to strive harder in the business.  “Not winning pushed me to work harder, to make sure that I paved my own way for my own destiny,” she admitted.

But even before Project Runway, she was already doing business with the company.  It just goes to prove how diligent Korto Momolu can be.  As if we didn’t see that in the workroom.

“Working with Dillard’s is something that started actually before I went on the show,” the designer said.  “[A]nd then, when I came back, it was a perfect time.  Definitely, my ultimate goal is to have my clothes [at Dillard’s] or in any store, but this is a great step because I’ve always done accessories.”

While it’s a wonder how she comes up with these eccentric but artful creations, Korto Momolu credits it to one essential thing: her heritage.  “I like exotic things.  I’m African, so maybe that’s why I’m attracted to things that are different.”

We’ve witnessed how talented this woman is on Project Runway, even though she didn’t take home the top prize.  But her perseverance really did pull her through.  If you’d like to check out Korto Momolu’s accessories collection, go to

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