Iman makes her Bed with Alok

Fashion icon Iman with the featured Morocco bed, part of her bed and bath launch this market.

At the New York Market – Iman, the striking African-born model who has gone on to be a designer and entrepreneur, is adding another line to her resume with the introduction of a home textiles collection for Alok.

The line, which includes three bedding ensembles with coordinating towels, is debuting this week at market and is set to arrive in stores this fall. The groups offer design statements from around the globe, spanning from Morocco to Ibiza to Hollywood.

Iman, born in Somalia, first burst onto the international scene as a fashion model gracing the covers of Vogue and other publications. She continued to work with designers, eventually creating her own line of cosmetics and then apparel that has been a huge hit for Home Shopping Network. Several years ago she moved into the home arena with a line of fabrics for P. Kaufmann, but this is her first line of finished home textiles products.

“My passion has always been home,” she told HTT on the eve of market in the Alok showroom in 7W. “I love textiles. When I was a model, the other girls used to go out at night, but I would go to flea markets looking at fabrics. My husband [singer David Bowie] calls me a chic hoarder.”

Iman said she took her time in finding the right partner to work with for finished products. “I’m very sensitive about price points and understanding that just because it doesn’t cost a lot doesn’t mean the quality has to suffer. We found the right partner in Alok.”
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