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The grand opening celebration of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches’ new Center for Families will take place Feb. 12, 2006.
Are you tired of waiting in those dreadfully long lines at the movies? Don't you just wish someone would come up with a new technology that would enable moviegoers to walk straight into the movie of their choice without wasting a single minute?

XM Satellite Radio until last winter was the only one of the two satellite radio receivers that carried a channel dedicated to African music, called Ngoma XM. Ngoma is the Swahili word for drum. However, soon after Hurricane Katrina hit and just before Christmas, XM became the grinch and yanked the channel 102 off its lineup of stations on the receiver and consigned it to an online only station.


Several dozens of African immigrants, mostly Somalis, gathered at a packed basketball court inside Brian Coyle community center near Riverside high-rises in Minneapolis on Sunday, January 16, for a fund-raiser event aimed to help the drought-stricken East Africa, especially Northeastern Kenya - a region mostly inhabited by ethnic Somalis.



may well be known as a land of numerous philanthropists, welcoming and compassionate people, but one has be aware of who he or she is dealing with. The case in point


is that of Liberian born Mai Jones who lives in the Twin Cities and found herself answering charges of a felony of wrongfully receiving public assistance.


We can all use a little help sometimes. Perhaps you need someone to help clean out your house. Or, maybe, you’re getting a bit up in years and want someone to help take care of your property. Mowing the lawn and shoveling snow was a lot more fun when I was 20 years old.



An Exclusive Column for Mshale by the Law Firm of Blackwell Igbanugo of Minneapolis. The largest Black owned law fim in the United States.

Women On Upward Mobility

Ms Patrose Beatrice Mbithe Getugi is a middle-aged woman residing in Minnesota . She is not an ordinary lady, she is both flamboyant and a natural leader.

An Interview With Michael Okema

’s ruling party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), recorded a series of landslide victories in the united republic’s third multiparty elections December 14. CCM’s Jakaya Kikwete won the presidency with over 9.1 million votes, more than 80% of the total vote.


The first lady of Zambia told an audience in Oakland, California that her nation's economic and political development will ultimately depend on investment by Zambians themselves, including those living and working in the U.S. and other foreign countries, far more than multinational corporations or western nations.

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