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Chuck is managing partner of Chuckuemeka & Associates, a nationally focused CPA firm specializing in Accounting, Auditing, Consulting and Tax Advising.

Tax Changes for 2011

Tax Changes for 2011

Whether you file as an individual, a corporation, a small business owner, or are self-employed, as the end of the year draws near, you're probably thinking ahead to tax season…

Changes in Tax Brackets and Benefits for 2010

For 2010, personal exemptions and standard deductions will change only slightly to reflect inflation adjustments. Many levels will remain consistent with 2009.

IRS Helps Financially Distressed Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service has announced a number of new steps to help financially distressed taxpayers maximize their refunds and speed payments while providing additional help to people struggling to…

Tax Tips: Delay Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

Tax Tips: Delay Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

If possible, delay energy efficient home improvement projects into 2009 to receive a tax credit. In October 2008, President Bush signed the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008". This law…

Keys to Providing Health Insurance Benefits

Employee benefits play an increasingly important role in the lives of employees and their families, and have a significant financial and administrative impact on a business. Most companies operate in…

Employee Relocation in a Tightening Real Estate Market

Many companies are asking “What to do about an employee’s home when he or she is moved to a new job location? This is an increasing tough and costly question…

Financial Tips for September

Financial Tips for September

Below are these month's financial tips.

Credit Reports– What You Should Know

How do lenders determine who is approved for a credit card, mortgage, or car loan? Why are some individuals flooded with credit card offers while others get turned down routinely?…

Household Employees and Withholding Taxes

If you employ someone to work for you around your house, it is important to consider the tax implications of this arrangement. While many people disregard the need to pay…

Spring Cleaning: Tax Records You Can Throw Away

Spring is a great time to clean out that growing mountain of tax and financial papers that clutters your home and office. Here's what you need to keep and what…

Getting The Most From Auto Expenses

If you use a car for business, you have two choices for claiming deductions:…

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