Financial Tips for September

Financial Tips for September

Prepare a Post Mortem Letter

Review or prepare a  post-mortem  letter to your spouse spelling out the location of your assets and property (assets of a deceased are often lost because a spouse may not be aware of them or know their location), the names of all your advisors, and any other information your spouse should know to minimize his or her burden in the stressful period after your death.

Get Your Social Security Statement of Benefits

Request a Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement from the Social Security Administration. This can be done using Form SSA-7004 or over the Internet. This statement summarizes your social security earnings history and provides an estimate of the benefits to which you are entitled. It is important to verify that you have been credited for all of your earnings. You can also use this statement in your retirement planning.

Review Your Budget vs Actuals for August

Compare August income and expenditures with your budget. Make adjustments as appropriate to your September expenditures. Make sure you have invested your planned savings amount for August.

Estimate Your Tax Liability

Total up your taxable income, capital gains and deductions through this date. This information can be used to plan your estimated tax payments, and perhaps avoid or minimize any underpayment penalties.

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