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USAID Assistant Administrator to address forum on East Africa in Minneapolis

Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District Congressman Keith Ellison's latest community forum will focus on the "The State of East Africa". It will feature USAID Assistant...

Abdi Warsame becomes first African-born Minneapolis City Council member

Abdi Warsame today (Nov. 5) became the first person born in Africa to become a Minneapolis City Council member. He beat incumbent Robert Lilligren...

Somali Basketball tournament to promote education, health and unity

Tournament begins Monday, June 25 Somali National Week in Minnesota will this year be marked with a competitive basketball tournament dubbed “Hoop 4 Hope” with...

Local Muslims Poised to Abandon Dual Loyalty


In America the followers of Islam, a faith under fire, abandoning the prevailing dual loyalty to native lands and America is the only path to repair their religion’s terrorism-entangled image.

At the center of an inner-struggle among Muslims is who deserves the first loyalty of the faithful: the native land, Islam or America?