Top Kenyan DJ Makes Stop in the Twin Cities


One of Kenya’s premier DJs, DJ Adrian made the third stop of his six-week Capital FM Kenyan Connection Tour in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis leg was sponsored by Mezesha Entertainment, and held at the East African Taste Restaurant on June 11th. The crowd, who mostly Kenyan and Somali youth, were treated to a fusion of Kenyan music ranging from golden oldies to more contemporary rhythms. The song ‘Tunapenda Raha’ (we like fun), by Wahu represents the mood at the party and Faiza who is from Somalia, but has mostly lived in Kenya says she feels like she is back home. The crowd jumped at the opportunity to send shout-outs to friends and family back in Kenya.

DJ Adrian, a DJ at Kenya’s Capital FM radio station, says that the purpose of his tour is to “promote Capital FM’s online listener ship which,” he adds, “is important to keep East Africans in the Diaspora attuned to the music scene back home.” This is Adrian’s fourth tour and Capital FM is currently the only radio station in East Africa doing this sort of promotion and as a result is increasingly gaining international repute.

DJ Adrian says that in the future they intend to do events not just for Kenyans and East Africans, but other Africans as well. In addition to working as a DJ he owns and runs a clothing line called Kweli, which currently designs and makes only hats and T-shirts but will expand to a full clothing line soon. His target customers are his audiences in the U.S and he has thus been promoting this venture on a small scale.

I ask him how the tour has been so far and he replies, “So far the events have been well attended, response has been good and I am having fun. I can’t complain.”

To listen to Capital FM’s live streaming go to

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