Create Your Own Web Page

Create Your Own Web Page

Creating your own web page for display on the world wide web seems to be a little challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun and simple.The first step is to decide what you want to publish in your page. Assuming you have gathered all the information you need for your page you can follow the steps below to create your web page.





Create a Text Document





Create your text document with any word processing programs such as Notepad( this usually comes preinstalled on your computer). Always begin with an attention-grabbing title, greeting or phrase so people will know what your web page is about and will want to read more. This document should also contain words you would like to appear on your web page. Determine where you want to insert your pcitures or images on the page.





Spice it up with Hypertext Markup Language or HTML





Insert some formatting tags in your document that will tell an Internet Browser ( such as Internet Explorer) how to arrange your words on screen. These tags make up the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. Below is the basic skeleton you need to create a web page in HTML.



<title>Title of Page</title>
Here you can insert your text



Take a





You can view the "source document" behind any web page by going to the "View" menu (in Internet Explorer) and selecting "Source."  The source code or HTML code will be displayed and you begin to get the feel of what a real HTML document looks like and how it can be easily translated into a web page.



Inserting images



If you don’t already have images files for your page, you can download some from other webpages. You need to be careful as to what you decide to download. Images of cars or electronics and a few others are acceptable and can be looked up from google or altavista for example. Save the image as on your hard drive ending in a .jpg or a .gif.



Almost Done



Proof read and edit your document then save it as a .html file. If the document was created in Notepad, all you need to do is save it then when you double click on the saved file your real live web page is displayed. You cannot see the HTML source code but rather the finished product.



Go Public





If you want people to be able to view your web page, there are many free and affordable web hosting providers. By the time you get to this stage you should have chosen a suitable domain name for your web page. i.e. You can register this domain name also for a very small fee. Now you are ready to start creating your own web page. Good Luck!





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