Mobile Box Office: Purchasing and Receiving Movie Tickets Via Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Box Office: Purchasing and Receiving Movie Tickets Via Your Mobile Phone

Are you tired of waiting in those dreadfully long lines at the movies? Don’t you just wish someone would come up with a new technology that would enable moviegoers to walk straight into the movie of their choice without wasting a single minute? Thanks to a tremendous technology by a Livonia based company in Canton,

Detroit , this "movie-line" nightmare will cease to be an issue in the near future. This technology will allow moviegoers to receive their tickets through their cell phones. Even tough this ground breaking technology emerged in

Detroit this past Wednesday, it is yet to be introduced in theaters nationwide.


How it Works

1. Assuming you have an internet ready cell phone with a color display screen, go to the Mobile Box Office website (

2. Search movie showtimes listed on the site.





3. Enter the number of tickets you need to purchase and your credit card information. It will then prompt you to enter your cell phone number. The fee for buying with a cell phone is $1, just about the same as buying over the internet with a computer.





4. After a few minutes, you will receive a link- click on that link.





5. You will then receive a confirmation code for the movie tickets together with a bar code.

6. At the theater, go directly to the usher who will scan the bar code and let you through to the movie.

Why this Technology?

With the rapid growth of movie ticket sales (1.4 billion movie tickets were sold last year in U.S. movie theaters) and vast cell phone use ( Approximately 140 million Americans have cell phones and the number of internet ready cell phones has immensely increased from roughly 5 million to 47 million users between 2001 and 2004), it is a brilliant idea to combine the two gigantic money making elements together. This has a lot of potential for growth and success in the movie industry.

In addition, if a computer or a newspaper is not available, you need not worry because you can easily scan through movie titles with your cell phone.

What Movie Theaters Offer this Technology?

This enormous technology is provided at Emagine Entertainment theaters at the moment, but please keep in mind that this is going to be huge.

Will this Technology be Useful to Moviegoers in

Africa ?

After it has expanded in the it will most likely become a worldwide technology so people in

Africa or anywhere in the world can benefit from it. Lines at the movie theaters in Africa and communicating with the ticket associates can be very frustrating at times so this technology will definately be a big plus to moviegoers in

Africa .



Not only does this technology propose to make the life of moviegoers easier, it is also very convenient and stress free not to mention the fact that you never have to miss the beginning of another movie ever again! When the latest movie comes out, you can be the first to see it without having to worry about the tickets getting sold out. In other words, you will have prior knowledge of ticket status without having to step out of your bed!









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