Memorial Day Weekend


Friday May 25th


It’s around 10:30pm and I just arrived at the Lounge night club, downtown Minneapolis. There are only a handful of people at the club, though I know for sure in a little while it will pick up. The reggae riddims vibrating from the speakers rock my body to motion. I can’t remember when or how I first got into reggae, but it now seems to be the music of choice, not just for me, but for quite a number of East African people I know.


11:15pm and people are slowly shuffling into the small club room where Dj Hustla of Mezesha Entertainment keeps the rhythms flowing. I like the way the Dj plays his music enticing people, one by one to the dance floor. He keeps a keen eye on his dance floor and makes sure he gives his crowd what they want.


By 12:00 O’clock, the club is in full swing and I can barely find enough space to move without bumping into someone. There is laughter, dancing, drinks and a wave of excitement in the club. Dj Hustla too feels it and he motions me to get him another drink from the bar. The reggae hits keep coming one after another and there is really no chance to sit and take a break. By the end of the night, I’m sure my toes are swollen from all the dancing and my feet hurt as I exit the club. I painfully walk to the car and though the night is over, I’m sure the weekend has just begun considering it’s a three day weekend.


Sunday May 27th


Did you ever plan something and you weren’t so sure how it would all turn out? That is exactly what happened when we decided to have a barbecue at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis. I wasn’t sure that people would really turn up since I had received a few phone calls of uncertainties. Nevertheless, six of us went ahead to the park and set up for the barbecue.  There was music, beef and hot dogs on the grill, as well as drinks in a cooler. Half an hour into barbecuing, people started powering in. We were at the Wabun picnic area, with a convenient parking lot right by.


I could see as the cars drove in and I have to admit at some point I did get a little nervous thinking there would not be enough food and drink for everyone. I think at least fifty or more people ended up at the barbecue. It was a huge success and from those I heard back from, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


As the barbecue ended, the night partying was just beginning. I headed home to get a change of clothes. I was aware of two parties going on downtown Minneapolis; “The White” party, that would be happening at Escape Ultra Lounge. Dj Dan of Soljam Entertainment would be there to play different sounds to an array of West Africans.


A few blocks down, was another huge party at The Lounge Night Club, where Dj Hustla of Mezesha Entertainment, Dj Diamond Don and Guest Dj’s would cater to the sounds of reggae lovers. I attended the latter. To say there was a lot of people, is truly an understatement. The Dj’s brought their A-game and the crowd was definitely loving it. I danced to the last song and was happy to end the weekend on such a high note. I did learn later on that Escape Ultra Lounge did exceptionally well too.


Monday, Memorial Day was a good day to just relax and unwind. I visited with friends and as we lounged, we talked of what a fun Memorial Day weekend it was.   

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