View from the Top


God wants us to see life from His point of view.  This is truly the “view from the top”.  This is an expansive, sweeping view of the future landscape for our lives. 

This view is rich with seeds for growth which can produce bountiful opportunity for advancement.  Taking the step to view life from the “top” requires effort on our part to put thoughts and actions that deter us from God’s view into a state of “solitary confinement.”
This requires our receptivity to understand and continually follow God’s instructions and wisdom. 

Focusing our mindset, time and activities on God’s view opens up countless opportunities. This view is priceless – it is a view that will cause freedom in thinking and action so that we can capture and act on the endless possibilities the Lord has planned for our lives. 
Remember:  God’s view is the level our thinking should advance toward.  We won’t rise any higher than the limits we place on our mind. Our mindset is what activates and releases whatever happens in our life

About Pastor Randy Morrison

Randy Morrison is the Senior Pastor at Speak the Word Church International, one of the largest, nondenominational, multi-cultural and multi-generational churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

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