Department of State Issues December 2009 Visa Bulletin


The Department of State’s (DOS’) Visa Office (VO) has released the visa numbers for December 2009. The Employment First Preference category remains current for all chargeability areas. The Worldwide Employment Second Preference cutoff and the Second Preference cutoffs for Mexico and the Philippines are also current. The China mainland-born cutoff remained at April 1, 2005, and the India Second Preference cutoff remained at January 22, 2005.

The Third Preference cut-off for India advanced over one week to May 1, 2001. The cut-off for mainland-born China, Mexico, the Philippines, and all other chargeability areas remained at June 1, 2002. For the Third Preference Other Workers category, the cut-off date for all areas remained at June 1, 2001, except for India, which advanced over one week to May 1, 2001. The Fourth Preference categories, including the Certain Religious Workers category, are current. The Fifth Preference category, including the Targeted Employment Areas category and the Fifth Preference Pilot Program, also remains current. With regard to the now-current status of the Fourth Preference Certain Religious Workers category and the Fifth Preference Pilot Program, the VO states.

Legislative action, which occurred, during October has extended the Employment Fourth preference Certain Religious Workers, and Employment Fifth preference Investor Pilot program categories through September 30, 2012.

The December 2009 Visa Bulletin is available at:

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