Mitchell Hamline professor Halla Elrashidi takes over as Minnesota’s Taxpayer Rights Advocate

Halla Elrashidi has been appointed as the new Taxpayer Rights Advocate at the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Photo: Courtesy Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Halla Elrashidi is the new Minnesota Taxpayer Rights Advocate, according to a Thursday news release from Minnesota Revenue. The Taxpayer Rights Advocate Office was established in 1990 as a place for taxpayers to receive an independent review of their tax situation “while promoting and upholding the department’s mission of fair and equitable application of tax laws,” the news release said.

She succeeds Sarah Bronson who has taken up an appointment as an assistant commissioner at the department.

Elrashidi is an attorney and joined the department in 2018 as an individual tax attorney in the Appeals and Legal Services Division. Previously she has worked as a staff attorney and pro bono attorney fellow with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, which provides free legal aid to low income, the disabled and senior citizens in 20 central Minnesota cities.

Elrashidi is also an adjunct professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul where she received her J.D. She received her bachelors of arts from the University of Minnesota.

The Taxpayer Rights Advocate Office at the Minnesota Department of Revenue “works on behalf of taxpayers to try to remove obstacles, flaws or ambiguities that exist in Minnesota’s tax policies, processes, procedures and state tax law,” while providing individual assistance to taxpayers who are unable to resolve their tax disputes through normal channels in the department.

“We’re fortunate to have Halla’s experience and expertise in this position that advocates for those who may not have the means, know-how, or ability to navigate our tax system,” Revenue Commissioner Robert Doty said in a statement.

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