Vaccine Connector, Minnesota’s new website tool to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine

Minnesota on Thursday, February 18, 2021 launched a new website tool called vaccine Connector to alert those who sign up when it is their turn to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Photo: Shutterstock

The state of Minnesota on Thursday launched a new website tool for those 18 years and older that will alert them when its their turn to sign up for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Minnesotans can sign up at, or by calling 1-833-431-2053 if one does not have internet access.

Special Note: The new tool is for the general public and NOT for those already eligible to be vaccinated right now like:

  • Minnesotans age 65 or older
  • Health care workers
  • Long-term care residents or staff members
  • Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 educators, or contracted school staff member
  • Child care staff members licensed and certified child care centers or programs

Those listed above can continue the current process of getting the vaccines through their employers or health care providers.

Why only 18 and up?: This is because of the eligibility requirements for the Moderna vaccine which is approved for those 18 and up while the Pfizer one has been approved for 16 and up.

What to expect: When you sign up you will be asked for your address, age, occupation and medical history. Optional data include race, gender and sexual orientation. The optional data is to help the state track and measure equity and fairness in the vaccine distribution process.

“When a Minnesotan becomes eligible to receive a vaccine under state guidelines, the Vaccine Connector will alert them of their eligibility, connect them to resources to schedule an appointment, and notify them if there are vaccination opportunities in their area,” said Gov. Tim Walz.

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