Xp Lee sworn in as new Brooklyn Park council member

Xp Lee (left) takes his oath of office Tuesday, February 22, 2022, at Brooklyn Park City Hall. He becomes the city's newest council member, filling the vacancy left when Lisa Jacobson became mayor. Councilmember Terry Parks (right), who also represents the East District administers the oath. Photo: Jasmine Webber/Mshale

Xp Lee was sworn in as the newest member of the Brooklyn Park City Council today as the city’s Economic Development Authority (EDA), which consists of city council members met during their monthly meeting. This was the first opportunity to swear in Councilmember Lee. He won a special election on February 8 to fill the East District seat that has been vacant since last August when Mayor Lisa Jacobson who represented the district ascended to the mayorship.


About Jasmine Webber, Mshale Photojournalist

Jasmine Webber is a photojournalist at Mshale. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

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