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Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Minnesota Advocates Spearhead U.S. Efforts

Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights (MAHR) is launching a large scale statement-taking process this month and is seeking the full participation of Liberians and other Africans all over the US in spreading the word and encouraging fellow compatriots to come forward willingly to give their statements to the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) concerning their experiences in Liberia's civil war.

African Women in the Diaspora revisit Pan-Africanism

Last month, women of African descent gathered at the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center, in St. Paul, for the Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Summit (PAWPS) to reignite a Pan-African women's movement paying close attention to their role as philanthropists.

Recognizing & Controlling Seasonal Affected Disorder

Throughout time, poets have often described a sense of lethargy which can accompany the shortening days of fall and winter seasons as an affective or mood disorder.

110th Congress set to take on comprehensive immigration reform

When the House and Senate (110th Congress) convene on January 4, 2007, comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) will be a priority on their legislative agenda.

2007 Inflation Adjustments Widen Tax Brackets, Expand Tax Benefits

Personal exemptions and standard deductions will rise, tax brackets will widen and income limits for IRAs will increase in 2007, thanks to inflation adjustments...

The Watchdog Needs a Watchdog

There is a dark side of the Kenyan press that most journalists would rather not talk about. It’s not a secret, but it’s shameful and embarrassing. Everyone knows it goes on everyday.

Free HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C testing for African Immigrants

African-born immigrants from Togo, Congo, Liberia and Cameroon who live in Minnesota brought their families to the ZYOMBI International Project (ZIP) for Christmas gifts a week from Christmas.

Bill of Rights for Wellness declared on Africa World AIDS Day

The third Africa World Aids Day (AWAD) turned thunderous as attendees stood up to join key note speaker Dr Bra Vada Garrett Akinsanya in calling for a Bill of Rights for Wellness for all people.

AIDS: Youth Voices for Right Choices

A quarter a century after the discovery of HIV, the number of people living with the virus has risen to about 40 million. according to the latest statistics from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, over 4 million people were newly infected in 2006.

Lura: Songstress of Cape Verde

Kissed by the lips of fate, Lura has evolved over the past fifteen years from her initial splash into the waters of world music.  Her alluring Cape Verdean sound, produced with the help of musical director, Toy Vieira, enchanted the nearly full house at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis on December 14th.

Pan African Business Alliance Re-energized

The Pan African Business Alliance (PABA), Minnesota's pioneer African chamber of commerce, has a new slate of officers and a fresh strategic direction.