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Mayor Frey allows Adhan broadcast as Ramadan begins

In a historic move last night marking the first day of Ramadan, the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer rang out in the Minneapolis...

Refugees tell their story during Twin Cities World Refugee Day

MINNEAPOLIS (Mshale) - Loring Park was host to the annual Twin Cities World Refugee Day on Sunday. Held each July, the event is a...

Kahin of Afro Deli and Jaylani Hussein to serve on Minnesota...

Abdirahman Kahin, whose Afro Deli business won Business of the Year at last month's African Awards Gala is among those selected by Minnesota Governor-elect...

Local Muslims Poised to Abandon Dual Loyalty


In America the followers of Islam, a faith under fire, abandoning the prevailing dual loyalty to native lands and America is the only path to repair their religion’s terrorism-entangled image.

At the center of an inner-struggle among Muslims is who deserves the first loyalty of the faithful: the native land, Islam or America?