Get free or low-cost vaccines through the UUAV program

Get free or low-cost vaccines through the UUAV program

MDH_Ad_2016Aminata Kamara knows how important it is that her children are up-to-date on all of their shots so that they are protected from dangerous diseases. She also knows that she and other adult family members need shots to stay healthy and keep their families healthy. Getting all recommended vaccines protects Aminata, her family, and community from the spread of disease.

Each year, thousands of adults in the U.S. suffer from serious illnesses that could have been prevented by vaccines. Even if you were fully vaccinated as a child, your protection from certain diseases wears off. That’s why we get boosters. Do you remember when your last tetanus booster was? Adults need one every ten years. You may also need vaccines due to long-term health conditions, your job, or certain times when you may be exposed to dangerous germs.

The cost of vaccines may prevent some people from getting vaccinated. Did you know most health insurance plans now cover the cost of recommended vaccines? Call the number on the back of your insurance card if you are not sure about your plan.

There is also a program for adults in Minnesota to get low-cost shots. If you don’t have health insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover certain vaccines, you are eligible to receive free or low-cost shots at participating clinics. There are over 180 clinics located throughout Minnesota that participate in the Uninsured and Underinsured Adult Vaccine (UUAV) program. They usually offer all vaccines that are recommended for adults, including flu shots. These clinics do not charge for the cost of the vaccine and may only charge a small fee for giving the vaccine.

To find a clinic with this program in your area visit

For more information on what vaccines you may need or information about diseases that vaccines prevent, visit Information is available in many languages.


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