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Some of the most important threats to democracy in Africa are the International Republican Institute (IRI), USAID and other international NGO’s that are directly funded by the United States Congress.
The search for the East Africa political federation’s National Anthem is on.
The 19th Annual Multicultural Forum on Work Place Diversity was hosted at the St Paul River Center on February 20th and 21st 2007. The event is an initiative of the University of St Thomas and was co-hosted by the National Black MBA Association and Thomson Corporation.
Eleda Eda Li Olorun Ni Da Ni” “The Creator made us with different qualities”. This Yoruba saying rings true for a young enterprising business woman, Joyce Iyawe.
Like many Eritreans living in Minnesota, Almaz Ghilagaber has lost relatives to war—perhaps too many to name.
Just six months ago, Murayo Nur Ali was told that she had no hope of being treated for a severe injury she suffered during a gang-rape at age 7.
That was in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. But on Monday, she was full of hope as she stepped out of a private jet that flew her to Rochester for treatment at the Mayo Clinic.
In 1994 apartheid officially ended in South Africa. The country's constitution was rewritten and general elections were freely held. With the election of South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, released from prison a short four years prior, the last vestiges of the apartheid system were finally outlawed.
As the African community in Minnesota grows, so does the business community. To address this need, Pan African Business Alliance (PABA) will host its second annual business fair in April.
Kenyan opposition leaders have accused the administration of President Mwai Kibaki of enabling the soaring crime rate in the country as it delays issuing national identity cards to eligible youth. This has had the effect of hindering the security forces ability to track down criminals.
At Kick-off celebration, TRC Commissioner Massa Washington says "The TRC is mandated to investigate human rights abuses in Liberia"
Commissioner Massa Amelia Washington has told Liberians and other nationals that the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission is mandated to “investigate human rights abuses committed during the course of the 24-year period of conflict that plagued the country from 1979-2003.”

SAN DIEGO, Calif.—The South Africans’ day at the U.S.A Sevens began brighter than the sunny Saturday in San Diego. They thrashed Portugal, 33-0 in their first game of the tournament, with five of their players scoring a try each.