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Eco-friendly Housing Development in Kenya


Francis Kihanya, the CEO of Manyatta, a real estate consulting company, is in the US to market Hacienda Eco-City to Kenya’s Diaspora community.

Meet Dinkenesh, the (not so) Hidden Treasure of Ethiopia


Dinkenesh’s living quarters on the second floor of the Houston Museum of Natural Science is part of a 9,000 square-foot abode befitting a guest of her stature.  Hers is a journey that began in antiquity in a site she might be unable to recognize or remember – a place we humans call Ethiopia.

Amani Delivers Immense Excitement to Minneapolis


Last Saturday night, the place to have beenwas the Blue Nile Restuarant.

Juneteenth Shades of Diversity Event Comes to Town Again


Last year Andre Sims of MN Inside Out organized the 1st Annual Juneteenth Shades of Diversity event at the 601 Graves Hotel in Minneapolis, MN. This year he and his team say they have created an even bigger and better two-part event.

Zimbabwe and S. Africa: Don’t Let Violence Eclipse Common Struggle


When P.W Botha’s troopers were mercilessly chopping down innocent South African schoolchildren with machine-guns, cracking whips over the heads of peaceful demonstrators and unleashing vicious dogs on fleeing crowds, we Zimbabweans were undoubtedly enraged.

It’s History, It’s Obama for Democrats


ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Illinois Sen. Barack Obama made history yesterday bybecoming the Democratic Party presidential nominee, making him thefirst African American ever to lead a major party into the U.S.presidential elections.

One Woman, One Goal, Hundreds of Reasons to Live


Maimah Karmo had one goal: To make sure her young daughter, Noelle, didn’t grow up motherless. Her next concern was whether she would live long enough tohelp others by telling her story.

Wanted: The League of Immigrant Voters

It is the election year and here they go again – politicians – using the age-old “illegal alien” excuse to cover up their three-year fiestas and siestas in Washington, D.C.

Together for the Children

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Perhaps because of the stereotypes of high illiteracy associated with Africa, immigrants from the continent excelled in universities in the United States without anyone noticing. Then in 2007, “just out of curiosity,” Kefa M. Otiso,a Kenyan-born professor of Geography at Bowling Green State Universityin Ohio, started looking at African immigrant data from the 2000 U.S.census.

Minn. Marks 20TH Annual AIDS Day With Walk


MINNEAPOLIS – Hundreds of people gathered at Minnehaha ParkSunday May 18 in support of the Minnesota AIDS walk.

Family-Based Immigration: Bringing a Spouse or Fiancé to the United States

The period of time between engagement and marriage is filled with questions, including trivial ones like: “Who should we invite to our wedding? How do I lose weight for it? What traditions and customs do I use?”