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African immigrant citizens challenge GOP challengers, celebrate election day in Minneapolis


A translator at the Brian Coyle Center, in Minneapolis, has been accused of telling voters to cast a ballot for Senator Norm Coleman.

Somali-Minnesotans proudly vote to elect the next U.S. president


Like many other Americans who are either traveling abroad or going to be away from their precincts on November 4th, a recently naturalized Somali-American, Mohamed Said Barre, got in line to vote as absentee. “After a long wait, I now have a voice, the opportunity … and for sure wouldn’t let it pass” said Mr. Barre. Like many Americans, Somalis-Minnesotans are impressively engaged and making history in Minnesota. In this election, Somalis are involved in all levels, volunteering for campaigns to being election judges.

Wanted: Election Day Stories


In less than 24 hours voters across the nation will have cast their vote, and the US will have a new president-elect.

Millions of African-Americans to Vote in Historic Election


WASHINGTON (NNPA) – For the first time in American history, millions of voters will cast their ballots on Tuesday in an election in which an African-American is the nominee of a major political party, fulfilling the long-held dreams of civil rights veterans.

Dispatch from Kenya: The Obama Effect


Oct. 25th, Minneapolis— Senator Barack Obama is seen as transnational figure, one who transcends tribal and national politics, former Mshale Chief Editor, Edwin Okong’o found on a recent trip to his country of birth, and the home of Sen. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr.

Ghanaian Immigrants Tighten Belts in Economic Crunch


NEW YORK – In a store in the Bronx that smells of unrefrigerated raw fish, a middle-aged Ghanaian woman is rummaging in her purse for money.

No News on the Presidential Debate or the Economic Crisis: Just Music for the...


With the stock market giving its riders whiplash as it bounced up and down and an unprecedented Presidential race in hot debate last October 15th, Cape Verdean singer, Lura, faced an audience looking for escape.

At Last a Curator for the African Gallery at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

On June 9th Dr. Jan-Lodewjik Grootears started working for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) as the curator of its African, Oceanic, and Native American Art (AONA) department.

Burkinabé Artist Finds Talent in Sculpting


West African artist Rabi Sanfo has found a home for his metal sculptures in Minneapolis. His art has been on display across the Twin Cities in colleges, museums, art exhibits, and very recently at the Minnesota State Fair.

Another harsh Twin Cities Marathon for Elite African runners

On the morning of October 5th outside the downtown Minneapolis Metrodome, participants in the 27th annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon awaited the horn.

Senseless Murders: Somali on Somali Gang Violence


Starting a new life in America is already a challenge for many immigrants as they struggle to make ends and to culturally adjust to a foreign culture. And now something else is making the lives of Somalis in Minnesota more stressful—gang violence that has taken hold of youth as one death is avenged for another, and then more.