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Somali Opposition Interested in Unity Government


The Alliance of Re-liberation of Somali (ARS), a Somali opposition group based in Djibouti, is now ready to give obeisance to the international community and unite with the Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

News vs. pop culture


In February of 2007 newsworthy stories included the decision by North Korea to dismantle its nuclear facilities, devastating floods in Indonesia that killed over 80 people and displaced over half a million others, and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a study on global warming. However, something else eclipsed the headlines of many newspapers instead of the globally impacting events: the death of American celebrity Anna Nicole Smith.

Editorial: Troubling Start to a New Year


Every new year presents the opportunity for considered renewal, shedding our old coats, sporting new ones. This one should be no different even if it starts with particular difficulties.

Open Door Strategies: Tam Tam’s Strives to Survive Recession


Editor's Note: The National Bureau of Economic Research has reported that the US Economy is in recession. The end of 2008 has seen thousands of Americans lose their jobs, and millions of dollars lost on Wall Street. This is a first of recession-related articles from Mshale Newspaper that will cover the impact of the economy on the African community.

Clan Conflicts Continue to Disrupt


People outside the Horn of Africa see Somalia as one country united by one language, one religion and perhaps one culture. To the contrary, clan friction and rivalry have made this country ungovernable since the fall of President Siad Barre in 1991 and widespread civil war has replaced good governance.

I Helped Smear Helen Suzman


Anti-apartheid activist Helen Suzman died on New Year's Day at the age of 91. As accolades from around the world pour in, news reports also mention the controversy she sparked on college campuses in the late 1980s.

When Marital Bliss Becomes Domestic Abuse

An estimated 1.3 million women in the United States fall victim to physical assault by an intimate partner each year. More than twice that number suffers verbal and emotional abuse annually.  Although an increasing number of men are subjected to abuse, a U.S. Department of Justices study approximates that 89% of all assaults on spouses or ex-spouses is perpetuated on women by their male partners.

Pirates Hijack Ship Carrying Palm Oil


Pirates using small, fast speed boats hijacked a Liberian-registered tanker in the Gulf of Aden, said the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) piracy reporting center (PRC) in a statement from its head office in Malaysia.

Autism: What You Should Know


Though autism is becoming more and more common, it is still difficult to understand.  It is normal for parents, family members, and caregivers of individuals with autism to have questions and concerns.

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